Grand Prix brake cable


I have a grand prix deluxe (springer seat, front shocks) project. It is not a restoration candidate but will be a nice rider. It still has the original drum brake set up, but I do not have the cable.
I assume the drum brake I have is original, as it resembles Taiwanese construction. The brakes looks of the type where there is a clamp or locking assembly before the brake, then there is a threaded cable that attaches to the brake drum lever where it goes through a collet and is locked on place by a nut on the threaded shaft. I have the same issue with a minco Ram Jet I have - the cable broke and not sure on replacement

I do not want to install a clutch brake on this unit. Looking at OMB warehouse and other sites, it looks like the brake cables for the Coleman CT 200 units might work for this application. Has anyone used a modern cable with a threaded end on one of these older Taiwanese brake assemblies ? if so which one

Thanks !
You might be able to make your own cable by soldering one of the ends.
I did this recently and it wasn’t that hard. Just get the correct end for your application.
MFG Supply has the perfect replacement cable for the Grand Prix type bikes . Brakes work real well on them .Order part number 4-266 brake cable 56 inch . Price is $5.95. Only thing you have to modify is to make the hole larger where the adjustment goes threw on the brake housing . These bikes with a 5hp Briggs on them are fun riding .