Green DB30 Baja Racer w/212cc

Hi all... looks like I have found project #2. It's a Baja Racer (DB30) that I'm going to put a 212cc Predator on. This is a DB30-S, right? Here are some photos:


Obviously, I have not worked with this frame or engine before, so any advice you all have will be HUGELY helpful. Here goes nothing! :hammer:
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Make sure you get the hemi version of the 212 if they have them, 60363 is the part number you want, my doodle with a stock 212 is enough to scare most adults.
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Well I've taken her apart and painted, and set the 212cc in there on the OldMiniBikes-procured motor mount. Had to remove the gas tank of the Predator to get the motor in. Will probably make a gas tank and attach it to the handlebars near the fork neck.

Does anyone know if the oil that comes inside the Predator 212cc out of the box is good to run right away, or am I supposed to change it?
If it was me I would drain it and put in some new oil.
Roger that. I drained the teesny bit of factory oil in there (DEF not enough to run on), and put new oil and gas in, and it started up first pull. Gonna get the front wheel on and throttle reassembled and twist it. Video soon!

Testing and tuning. It's pretty dang fast, but I think I might consider a stage kit for more speed! Gotta love working at a Harley Dealership with lifts and compressors.
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