GTO....6.5 hp clone in a cat mini bike frame?

Haven't tried it yet and just got home soooooo this ones for you. :thumbsup:

This is my messed up "project" cat and is the small frame.

The gas cap drags going in (but fits) so another tank or a change of the tank position will be needed.

you'll need a longer foot peg on the right side.

And I didn't have a chance to check the rear tire clearance but it should be ok though tight.

Sorry for the bad pic's but hey I just got home from work and I don't give a rats! :thefinger: Give me a few days and I'll swap engines with my other one.

The Tecumseh 5HP would work great and if you go that route, get the one where the carb isn't in the gas tank. Thats what I want to use but I may stuff a Briggs or Honda clone in this blue one and seperate tha gas tank and remove the carb cover. GTO
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