Guest appearance

Charles messaged me, and reminded me how lax I've been in posting.
Obviously I'm still alive.
Still love my Baja's (3) and they all get ridden almost daily.

Much has gone on in life, too much to go on about, but currently I am in the process of building an addition to my home.
It will most likely take the rest of my life to finish.
I have some videos on my youtoob if anyone is interested.
It all kinda starts here :
I've tried to date the videos, but they're a bit out of order on the site.

But riding is still an everyday activity, whether it be the Baja's or motorcycles.
The weather has sucked for the last few weeks here, so I haven't done much of any of the above.
It's good to see a post from you Joe.

Your posts and videos are very entertaining, and often provide a smile.

Drop back in when you can.

P.S. I hope your dogs are doing good !