GX160 Clone jetting question

Hey everyone.

I am a newbie and have a question regarding the jetting on a GX160 clone motor. I bought a Baja Dirt Bug off Craigslist and the guy had a new GX160 clone engine that he threw in on the deal. The guy started to mod the motor (heavier valve springs) and had a bag of parts that came with. He said he never got around to putting in the new emulsion tube, however when I went to change the tube, the one that came out had bigger holes on the emulsion tube and I wasn't sure if he was mistaken that he didnt in fact change the tube. Here are the pics of the tubes that i have.

The tube on the right was in the carb already with the 71 jet and the tube on the left was the one in a bag he said he never got around to changing. Does anyone know which is the proper jet i should put in the carb with the 71 jet on this gx160 clone? As I mentioned it has the heavier springs and he also gave me a header as well

Any help is greatly appreciated for this newbie!


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More/larger holes = richer, less/smaller hole = leaner for the E-tube. My guess is the performance E-tube is the one with smaller holes.

I just re-read what I wrote days ago. The first part is backwards. It should read:

More/larger holes = leaner, less/smaller holes = richer for the E-tube. The last sentence is correct, the E-tube with less or fewer holes is the performance E-tube. Sorry for the confusion.