International handmade old school mini

A last frame modification, I hope. The fuel tank would not fit after I lifted the engine to clear the torque converter. I ended up pulling off the tank and putting a new one up on the top of the frame. I feel a little guilty as I didn't build the tank, but the time to build a tank compared to the time to buy one was the determining factor. And it was very cheap too. The only real issue with the tank was that it has a drain port right in the wrong spot. I ended up notching the frame to clear it.
minibike 1-10-2019,1.JPG minibike 1-10-2019,2.JPG minibike 1-10-2019,3.JPG
Only slight headway today. I finished sandblasting the bad quality black paint off the new fuel tank yesterday. Today I powder coated the tank. The color of the bike will be orange and gray. View attachment 238412
I have used one of these cheap tanks before. Your right, crappy black paint and mine had a bit of rust starting on the inside when I recieved it. Other than that it's held up great. Came with a decently chromed gas cap too. Lookin' good.
I am trying to get onto the next step (front end) but having to wait... I bent my bars and ended up giving them to one of the kids at the school, then when I tried to get more metal the metal store was out. Hope to have it on Tuesday, then I can get moving again,
Very nice job so far. I may of tried putting that engine plate on a slant like the Rupp roadsters and scramblers. Those predators will run on the slant also. Just something to think about if you do another. lol
Finally was able to make some headway. I gave my forks to one of the kids at the high school a couple weeks ago. I was not able to line up time to bend a new set. Yesterday I was able to bend tubing. Today I cut the triangles for the triple trees and tack welded the forks togeather. image.jpeg image.jpeg
Very cool build! Wish I had the tools you've got in your shop back when I was teaching metals---all of my stuff was WWII surplus!
I have more tools than most people do. I have access to two high schools, my real job at the city and a well equipped home shop. I lead the group at the school. Most are from one high school, some arefrom the next school over ( friends with two shop teachers and fix equipment there). Much of the stuff at the high school is very old and worn. A few of the machines are being replaced, so some of the stuff is getting a little better. Tonight is club night at the school, hope to have more up and running.
Just wondering why you did not move the fuel tank drain instead of notching the frame?
It was a toss up decision. Originally I was going to move the fuel outlet, but with the frame tubing's location to the current fuel outlet I was concerned that the repair would show where I welded the hole shut. The bottom of this tank is not flat also, so there is not quite as much "flat" bottom as it looks like in the picture. Notching the frame seemed like the simplest answer in the end. Once the tank is bolted on and the seat is in place it will be well hidden unless you lay on the ground to look underneath of the bike falls over (very unlikely).
Holy Cow...!!!

I was just diggin' on the way cool earl's type (leading link) springer front end, then I turn the page, and there's a sidecar coming to life.

Keep up the good work...!
Broke it down tonight and all the welds are now ran. A little clean up and it will be ready to powder coat. I also still have to get the fender support brackets attached. Waiting for the fenders to get them placed. Had to pull the sissy bar so it will fit in my oven, will put it back on after powder. image.jpeg