International handmade old school mini

Finally the chain is on and tensioned. Funny, I bought a stainless chain for it, turned out to be 3" too short. I added in a few links of non-stainless chain.
minibike 5-5-2019.JPG
The muffler would not fit into the space of the frame. Am planning on building a muffler from scratch but till then I used a slightly smaller muffler off a smaller Predator.
minibike 5-8-2019.JPG
I was hoping to have the bike running today. Unfortunately life had too many things going on. I will be out of town for a few days, hope to get it going as soon as I get back.
Fresh update: I wired in the brake and tail lights. Wired in the starter. The Kill button on the throttle and the brake switch lever. Connected the fuel line, cranked it over and it started up. Made a quick pass around the lot. I am stopping for tonight. There are a few details that need addressing, but I am so close to done. My grandkids are going to be excited.
Brake light and tail light both functioning. The headlight is nice and bright (all are LEDs). The wiring is all in and connected. I do still need to build the battery box. I need to flip the right rear tire, it is on backwards. Also need to finish the padding on the sissy bars.

image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
Yesterday when I rode the bike it was very impromptu. It was not planned, so there was still a number of details to iron out. One was the axle nuts. The rear wheels are held on by castle nuts. The front both nuts are ny-locs. I am using thread-all for axles. On the teat drive the one front nut fell off the front (it was not into the lock portion) and the left rear tightened itself up so the sidecar wheel was locked. Both issues are now addressed and on to the next final steps.
minibike 5-22-2019.JPG
Stupid, stupid! I cut the seat backs some time ago. When the seat base was attached I slid the backrest up a little to clear the seat bottom pad. I just went to put it on and... stupid. I will have to remake a smaller seat cover so it fits properly.
mini 2-23-2019.JPG mini 2-23-2019a.JPG