harley davidson golf cart carburetor on jacobsen 321

i know very little about how carburetors work. does anyone have any opinion on whether or not this carb i found would work, or have a reason why it wouldn't. are carburators relatively interchangeable. i want to buy it in the hope that it might work good on my jacobsen 321, but also don't want to waste money if there is some obvious problem putting this carb on my engine. i looked it up and the intake is 22mm and the air filter side 26mm on this carburetor. the HD golf cart (that this carb is for) is 200cc 2 stoke i think. i know that the jacobson is a smaller engine size but could this carb still work fine?

Carburetor for 1967-1981 Harley Davidson Golf Cart 2-Cycle Tillotson 27158-67A | eBay
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Pretty big carb for a j-321 which is 101cc's or ½ the size of the Harley mill. May work...may not.
If I absolutely had to know the answer, my guess would be that the venturi is just too large a diameter.
I have had no luck with carbs with a venturi larger than .750".
Also, this is not a Tillotson but a Chinese knock-off.
But hey... if ya got the spare coin, go for it. Most you can lose is $20.
i'm having trouble finding out the venturi measurement on most of the carburetors i'm coming across. i don't have much experience with carburetors so don't know much about their interchangeability. all i know is that i put a cheap chinese float bowl carburetor that said it was for a 4hp tecumseh on a 2hp briggs using a homemade manifold and it works great. runs much better and stronger than with the stock pulsa jet carb it had.

how can i find out the venturi of a carburetor or even estimate it?
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I think I'm going to try this, its for a chainsaw which is about the same size. It's a knockoff tillotson but that's all i can really afford at the moment. any opinion on its compatibility with the jacobsen? I have no way to to determine the venturi before buying I can't find any of that info online and doubt the seller knows, but I assume it's on the smaller side... the few stihl chainsaws that it fits are all in the 100-130 cc range.

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the engine has been acting up ever since i tried to put an old walbro float bowl carb I got off ebay. i thought it might work because it looked very similar to the carb that comes on this engine. Once I put that on it would not run. then i tried to put the original carb back on and start it and could not get it start. Then got the chinese tillotson carb today and put it on.... still wont run.

what could have happened during the trial of the used carb that could have caused my engine not to run now.

i have compression
i have spark
spark plug is wet with gas when i pull it out so the carb must be delivering gas to the cylinder ?

could the engine be flooded?

i have know idea where to start

Got the engine to run. The knock off Tillotson carb I bought works great. Turns out the starting problem was either due to a bad head gasket or a bad spark plug. on a side note I've learned that the proper spark plug for a jacobsen 321 is champion #592 that autozone carries for $2.50. and this is a the proper head gasket its the best price anywhere, i looked OEM HOMELITE JA-309749 GASKET, HEAD | eBay

also the cheapest price for that carb, and ships free from the USA. @12.85
CARBURETOR FOR STIHL 070 090 090G 090AV REPLACE LB-S9 Tillotson HL-324A/HL-244A | eBay