HarleysPapa - 1972 Fox Thunderbolt MX212 - (Vintage Open)

Well I got the old motor mount cut out this evening :thumbsup: I used my Dremel and it only took me about 45 minutes and only 12 of these disc's :thumbsup:

This was the the last side I did and when I got to the back corner the weld was there but not thru the corner and when it popped the crack in the front broke :doah:

You can see in the bottom corner there is a bead there but it wasn't holding anything :doah: There really wasn't a whole lot of weld holding any of it on :eek:ut:

I don't know how well you can see it but here is the crack in the front that had rust in it :eek: I can only imagine that the other cracks have the same maybe 40 something year old rust in them :doah:
I figure it will take me about an hour tomorrow or Wednesday evening to clean up the frame and then maybe another hour or so for Tommy and I to get the new mount welded in on Thursday evening :thumbsup: The weather looks good for Saturday so I should get it painted then :thumbsup: but it still puts me a week behind :doah:
Wow...seriously good catch! The torque of your new motor would have split that right off. Glad you caught it.:thumbsup: I had to weld up the motor plates on all three of the CATs I did, but nothing that nasty.
I agree with the others, "good catch." Despite the lost time, this is a worthwhile delay. You know it's going to vibrate a lot less than it would have, not to mention "hold together" better. Top notch build all the way around Randy.
Thanks guys :thumbsup:
The new motor mount should be here tomorrow and we will get it welded in on Thursday :thumbsup: I really cant believe how little was holding the mount on from the factory :eek:ut: I got the rest of the frame parts sand blasted this afternoon so as long as every thing goes right and the weather stays good I should be able to get the whole frame painted this weekend :thumbsup:
Dang man.
Good eye for a old guy.
And I didn't even have my glasses on and I seem to remember that you are older than me :001_tt2:

Took me about a half hour to clean up the old welds :thumbsup: The new motor mount is here, its not exactly the same size but it will work just fine, just have to notch the corners and it should drop right in :thumbsup: It is going to move the motor 1/4 inch to the right but thats fine it stuck too far to the left anyway and I can cut a 1/4 of the driven spacer without hurting anything(its over an inch now) :thumbsup:

Looks good now Randy ! :thumbsup: Hope you have some nice weather coming your way....so you can get it painted. Weather this way ain't so good lately !:no::no:
Looks good now Randy ! :thumbsup: Hope you have some nice weather coming your way....so you can get it painted. Weather this way ain't so good lately !:no::no:
Very nice brotha.
Bikes don'don't bother Hope at all.
Plastic bag..Oh my.
Thanks guys :thumbsup:

Well the weather is great today and will be great tomorrow :thumbsup:
I touched up the fenders because they both had blems on the side :doah:

I got the swing arms all painted and cleared, yes there are two swing arms for this bike :thumbsup: tomorrow I hope to get the frame and forks done :thumbsup: They looks a lot better inperson and don't look at my mess :doah:

Frame and front fender mount are all painted :thumbsup:

I think I have used a lot of paint on this one these are all empty :doah: I need another can of black and primer and I think 2 cans of clear :doah: I do have enough yellow for the tank though and I found enough black to finish what I did today :thumbsup:
Maybe a lot of paint ...but it's looking good ! :thumbsup:
It's really coming along Randy! It sure looks good to me. :thumbsup:
Thanks guys :thumbsup: The weather is not on my side today, in the 50's with scattered showers :doah: Guess I'll try to get the rest of the painting done tomorrow after work :thumbsup:
I need to get some yard work done anyway :doah:
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