Havasu Dave's - "Mini Bike" - (Just For Fun)

Thanks for the comments. I am enjoying watching the builds, as you all are. :thumbsup: Great stuff happening this year.

You can see from my original photo how the rear axle mounts were set up. They bugged me. They worked fine, but you couldn't get a socket on the axle nuts, it was that close to the frame.

Once I set the engine in place, along with the jack shaft and the band brake going on it, I would have had to either raise the engine significantly, change the brake system, or move the rear axle back. I wont use a sprocket as a brake disc. Been there, done that. No room for a drum brake, and still keep the rear tire and wheel centered, so my only option was to move the axle back.

First step is cutting off the tabs. I'll fish mouth it and weld on some 1" OD X 5/8" ID DOM on the ends of the frame to hold the axle. I will lose about 1.5" (gain rear frame height) but I am okay with that.