having trouble with mini bike build

I asked about a wire welder because that is how I remove broken bolts. I am one of the older guys and I have always used a bolt, fender washer and a lock washer to mount a clutch. It would make no sense to explain how I remove broken bolts because you don't have a welder, and there is no bolt in there.
i would weld (spot) a bolt to the broken bolt and walk it out of there with a wrench that fits the head of the bolt you spot welded onto the busted bolt
It takes 30 minutes to drill and tap
That crank….if it a broken bolt…

Drill Hog USA 6 Pc Square Easy Out Set Straight Screw Extractor….

I bought a set something very similar to this that the maintenance guys at the plant used….I have found nothing yet I can’t remove….
Thank you for the information Skipp. I am going to try these as I have never had much success with the typical hardware store "easy outs".
i have machined and tapped holes before but was able to do it by hand. do i have to remove the crank and put it in a drill press? what is the process that most guys have been using to drill and tap this crank?
To drill the crank pto by hand...most folks use a jig that is made of steel with a hole for the shaft to slip in...and a hole on the end of the jig, to guide your drill bit.

Check with member @SAS289 he sometimes has sets available.

High quality, and a good price.
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