Headlight conversion to LED for Hilltopper

I have on hand a beautiful Harley Davidson old school chrome bullet head light. It uses a HB2/H4 60 Watt head light bulb. I see than the LED head light bulbs are available for this head light at 80 Watt ( no way Jose can I power that at 6.6 AMPS) and a 32 watt Hi/Low beam at 3 Amps,which is more realistic for a minibike alternator.
Have any of you members done this conversion? Is it working out as you'd hope it would? Open to helpful suggestions.
I have, and I think those LED wattage ratings are equivalent to incandescent for the lumens they provide they do not draw near that amount. The real hi wattage LED bulbs use a heat sink and the HB2 base bulbs I used were low wattage but real bright compared to the incandescent bulbs. I thought we had this discussion a while back but my memory is getting pretty bad. I originally used a bridge rectifier fuse and cap but The brighter bulb would burn out so I bought one of the cheap china regulators and it works just fine. DSC01712.JPG DSC01713.JPG
Don’t remember but the motor has the dual Honda coils And it was plenty to power headlight and taillight. Taillight is a led as well. I bought a number of different bulbs off eBay from China as they were so cheap.
I've found headlight and tail light LED bulbs that will work but I do not have the magnet flywheel nor the coil pack to run lights for my HS50 engine.
Somewhere in my tec stockpile I have a add on alternator. It was a John Deere accessory for putting lights on a snowblower. Goes on the outside of the recoil starter. It’s driven by a short cable.
That soundss interesting. I've seen one that bolts to the out side of the flywheel and has one small coil, it only puts out 350 miliwatts of power.
Even that would be better than nothing to use.
Mounts on the outside of the recoil cable is driven from the crankshaft nut goes thru hollow starter pawl axle in center of the recoil. I never used it so no idea how it works. The complete kit had incandescent light for a snowblower.
Working with ole4, I bought his alternator and found an LED bulb for the Harley Davidson headlight and a "Lucas" clone LED rear light assembly.
When it is all said and done, the lights will add a little zing to the bike.
I made the missing parts and installed the alternator. with a test run of the engine, the alternator is putting out 8 volts AC at idle and 28 Volts at max RPM. I will be installing a small 12 VDC battery pack, and converter/regulator to control the over voltage.


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why does everyone think the MTD trail flight with leading link front syspension was available in 1969?
I generally like Taryl's work, but man he f*cked up that bike.