Heald super tryke stx 400 score

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Picked this beauty up tonight. Story is as follows. I'm at work when my neighbor calls me and said while he was searching in farm and garden on craigslist he ran across this not far from where we live, so I was quick to get the number and call. Come to find out it was an old school mates father's tryke he bought new and it was a couple country blocks away. We squared away a deal for 180 dollars. Loaded her up on a hay wagon with a fork lift and brought her home. Unloading was the tricky part. I ended up using the rack on the back of the wagon as a ramp and with no brakes she came down fast but safely. Changed the oil added some fresh gas greased the axles and she fired right up with a jump and took it for a spin. Just need a new battery and fix the brakes and it's off riding. Looks pretty good under all the grime can't wait to get it all cleaned up. I did notice that the neck has a fix on it, prolly from somebody taking it over a sweet jump at one time, so if anyone happen to have a neck in good shape let me know.


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Oh, you don't want that thing! I'd be happy to do you a solid and take it off your hands!

Nice find! I want to find this version so I can take the kids out on it