Heathkit Boonie for sale

Up for sale is my recently rebuilt Boonie. I am not sure of the year although it still has original serial number plate 08421. I received it as a roller with no Jackshaft and butchered motor plate. The bars , frame , fenders and wheels were powder coated . Motor plate was fixed before the powdercoat ane kick stand mount was adudes. All factory hardware and axles were cleaned and reused. Wheels received new bearings and tires . New brake and throttle cables . New grips and throttle. Original brake lever was powdercoated as well. Original seat foam was recovered . Seat wood was too far gone so I used my reproduction Powell and Peralta board as new base. The motor is a 5hp Briggs I got from a buddy. I don’t know the year . He welded me up a pipe and muffler. New chains with adjustable Jack shaft mounts . Also added a clone TAV 30. Starts and runs . Original drum brake works pretty good. Needs some fine tuning. I enjoyed this winter project but the reality is I have no real place to run this . So it’s for sale . I’m located in metuchen NJ. 800.00 OBO. I can meet half way or deliver within reasonable distance . 0DB76476-074E-4B8E-B737-95F1C1BD9A62.jpeg 05BF04E3-3D19-4F9A-93F2-762D0F7FD9DD.jpeg 4B515247-22A8-4CE1-9084-00D4EE766732.jpeg 0DB76476-074E-4B8E-B737-95F1C1BD9A62.jpeg F71D87A5-0960-4385-B6B8-163C244A10D8.jpeg


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Am I out of line on the price ? I really thought I’d have some replies at the very least. At this point any reasonable offer I’m open to. It’s taking up space in my garage . Thanks


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Somewhat hard to sell here because we are mainly veteran chiselers who prefer to find them cheap in the wild and wrench on them ourselves and build with parts found over a period of time rather than spend lots o money ordering things new. (if those parts even exist new, which many do not) so you search/barter/trade for them)
And the shipping/distance thing gets in the way which eliminates what would be a great deal in person but 8 states away, not so much.

Bike looks great and personally think your price is in the ballpark for a running "pull the rope and ride" condition and it has the Desirable Copper Briggs engine.

If you can hold out until May 5-6 the Oley, PA minibike show and swap happens then.
Its very affordable with free camping and hot showers. Just a great time and hits your target audience in person.

From your town to there is 100 mi on the nose according to the Google;


Hope this helps and hang in there she will sell and then you will miss it :)
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it and I’ll keep the swap meet in mind. I had no idea about the copper engine. I would love to keep it . Problem is no where to ride without annoying my neighbors.


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Well are any of the men near your age?
If so offer them a ride on it if they have ridden before. If they like it boom your riding it in multiple back yards, they get some of their own and next thing ya know Jed is a Millionaire and you have your own community minibike gang :)