Heavy duty tube flaring tool?


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I have a job at work where I have to put a standard 37 degree flare on some HEAVY duty stainless steel tubing.... .500 OD .065 wall. We bought a couple of hand flaring tools, one costing over $300.... no go. They use a screw in type of male tool, and it stops well short of making a good flare before you just can't tighten it any more.

The finished parts have to pass a 4800 PSI test & I'm nowhere close to that.

Any experience here? Maybe a hydraulic unit?

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the area being flared needs to be fully flame anealed before flaring from what i understand heat till cherry then stick in a bucket of lime powder till cool then use your good flaring tool 37 or 45 degree?
Not sure if this helps but, i work on cng fuel systems similar lines., no fares though., we use ferrel fittings specially for large stainless line.