Hello im new to this site!!!

Welcome to the site! Looks like an early 80's Sears Puddle Jumper

And we all look forward to seeing you in the build off!

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I disagree on the Puddle Jumper. I'd say it is a Sears Scrapper. The Puddle Jumpers had a rear swing arm suspension. The Scrapper was a hard tail. Also the Scrapper had rear foot pegs. The Puddle Jumper had them closer to the clutch as it also had a torque converter.
Here is a picture of my Puddle Jumper awaiting a resto this winter...


Sears Puddle Jumper 12-1-16.jpeg
Here is a copy of an old Sears catalog ad.
The Green Streak was very close to the Puddle Jumper. It just didn't have the bracing with the holes in the rear area of the frame. I think the Puddle Jumper was the model they made before the Green Streak.
I'm sure some experts will correct me if I'm wrong. I would like to know all I can about these bikes as I have both the Green Streak and the Puddle Jumper.

Keep us informed on your bike build.

Sears best ad.jpg
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