Help finding a bearing


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Hey guys. Trying to get parts together for my next build and having a hard time finding the bearings I want to use for the swing arms.

The bearing is your standard size 1 3/8 od x 5/8 id (1.375 x .625) wheel bearing but it has a double snap ring. The single snap ring bearings are easily found but can't seem to find any with a double snap ring. There isn't any visible part number I can see besides the part number for the seal itself.

Anyone have any leads on where to get 2 or more? Thanks in advance! 20181218_222738.jpg 20181218_222751.jpg


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I would call two places, Boca and Grainger. If i struck out, I might machine an inner bushing from mild steel or DOM tubing to press fit on the bearing OD with a drop of red thread lock or 3M Scotch Weld Red with the Anerobic Activator to act as an inner split ring. Unless that prevents assembly/disassembly for repair or maintenance.
Good luck, safe travels
That appears to be a sealed bearing, and as such, the number on the seal is the part number for the bearing. Are you saying you've tried locally to get it, and was not successful?



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Roger when I search the number on the seal it only brings up the seal itself. I haven't took it anywhere local as it's an hour drive to any town big enough that may have a place that could have it. I can make the drive, just figured I would try here first.


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Well 3 different bearing stores and can't seem to find one with a dual snap ring. Bearing is equivalent to a 6203 but none can be found with dual snap ring only a single.