Help with builds please!!! I found some new go fast parts under my work bench. I forgot i had them!

Sorry for being so winded. Ive had these parts for over 2 yrs, still in box.
Now what should I do with them?
A black mamba jr cam for hemi/clone.
A dyno cm cam for hemi/ clone.
2 sets of 26 lb springs.
SS valve kit for a 25/24 head, alum retainers, automotive style locks, lash caps.
2) head stud kits
+.020 billet rod for pred hemi.
Billet flywheel for pred hemi.
4) .010 copper head gaskets for 196 clone.
4) Side cover gaskets for hemi/ clone.
Hemi head gaskets, copper, same bore, different thickness. 1 is .010, the other .032 or .035.
Fittings and nipples for breathers and/or catch cans.
Flywheel keys, for different ign timing.
4)TAV 30 driver springs, yellow and blue.
2) TAV 30 driven springs, yellow.
2) mini tachs.
stock carb gaskets, seals and random jets.

Looks like I can build the hemi pred with flat top piston for my grandsons cart. and give my 196cc a new cam, head stud kit, springs and new gaskets.

Here's heads that I have. None are ported.
22cc none hemi 27/25.
22cc hemi 27/25.
21cc clone 25/24.
20cc clone 25/24, came with the196cc pro mod racing engine from PCR.
14cc clone 25/24, is this too much CR for 93 pump gas on the 196 flat top, 0 in the hole???

Which head and cam will work best for the hemi?
Which head and cam will work best for the 196?

The pro mod 196 is on my mb200, stock size tires, tav 30 7" driven, bando belt, 10t/ 50t. I also have a 8t and a 60t for it, but it's not necessary, imo.

Pred hemi will replace goved subi on my grandsons cart. Full suspension, buggy type, 16" tires, Tav 30 6" driven, 10t/60t, live axle. Trails and hilly terrain only, NO paved roads.
The pro mod 196 has been a very reliable and fun lil motor. Mod 2 cam, 18lb springs, stock retainers, stock rockers and push rods, billet rod, flat top piston, and pvl flywheel. I added 4* of timing, thinner head gasket(.030 from .045) and set valve lash at .001. I have never had any problems out of it.

Anyways, what combo would work best for these 2 builds? Needs to run on pump gas. I only have stock style carbs. 2 are bigger then the others. I dont know what size they are, but they work jus fine for what i need.
Grandson is ready to build, and get back to riding. Looking forward to see how these turn out.
Thx in advance.