Here I am in the land of giants

I would like to build a dragster, rear-engined , with the motor and operator on the same plane,
the operator directly in front of the motor, not above it. Think Top Fuel dragster but shorter...

This will never happen, but I can dream large; would the group settle for a stretched doodlebug?
Or stretching my coleman and putting on a second motor...THAT'S IT! IT WILL BE BAD....

This will never happen. I'll just build a motor first and see what comes around.

Rear engine mini is a bust, it's too crowded for a OHV and way too crowded for a TC.
The concept blows me away, I'd consider paying for a roller of this
design, with thought given to handling and traction. The seller
says about all he does with it are burnouts on blacktop, which is what
I dream about most nights, and which I see this design as being capable of.
Just weld on an extension to the motor plate and you will be all set , tins are easy , if you don't find any let me know , I have lots of the old clone tins laying around the shop
Good, Jim, that's what I hoped it would be. Thanks for sharing,
Also, are the tins critical for cooling and protecting the flywheel
on built motors, or not? I'll pm you for the tins, that's great you have them.


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Also, I have no crankshaft end-play. Is there a thicker gasket that would help?
I would have to look-up the Honda specs for crankshaft end play. I would think 0.005” cold and 0.002” hot would be in tha ballpark. Hopefully one of these good folks will clarify the specs. Gasket thickness makes it happen.
Hope this helps, great start on your machine.
Machinist father/son homemade rig.Used with a 114 octane briggs flathead, they traveled to races with it. 55in wheelbase, 76 sprocket, polished fr wheel 15469736089086909132383676065921.jpg disc brakes fr/rear
The motor is coming together.When I get a little endplay in the crank I'm going to see
if it will crank. Is 10w30 non-synthetic OK for break-in?

IMG_20190102_104335242.jpg IMG_20190103_130407729.jpg IMG_20190106_134355260.jpg
I'd like to add that I'm not a builder and therefore shouldn't be in a Build-Off!
I previously asked Dave to drop me out of the Build-Off for this reason but he
convinced me to hang on. My entire rationale was/is to 'build' a mini to race my
hillbilly bike, period. I am uncomfortable with doing this for votes, so be advised
this 'build' is not eligible for votes whenever that happens
. Let's all vote for a
bonafide builder; that's where the talent and effort and know-how happens.
Let's all vote for a bonafide builder; that's where the talent and effort and know-how happens.
John, this is a friendly, non-professional build off based on "people's choice" voting. As such, there is no criteria for judging, no judges, no points.

Every single build will require the efforts of someone else, either a chromer, a powder coater, and engine builder, a fabricator, a welder, or painter, a decal maker, a seat maker, and probably some friendly advice from a competitor. You are just as bonafide a builder as the next guy.
Karen, I need your expert advice on this seat, please.
One thing, is there anything I can do to the tear in the red?
The other is how to change the color white on the seat to another color.
I'd be grateful for your info.

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