Hillcat Style tandem scratch build Jeep2003 Open Class

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:laugh: sorry ace i didnt get up early enough. Iv got books that go into detail on the carb gotta dig them out i guess.
Rat funny you should say that im going to hf today to buy the 99cc clone its on sale. not for this bike but im sure i can use the low profile somewhere iv got a few ideas. never had a clone before but im looking forward to playing around with it.
One thing i noticed my wheelie stop probrobly isnt gonna be much use. with the pivot point on the axle so far back the front end is hard to get up. but well see how it does when its running stronger
I've only had one 99cc motor...kinda weak on the torque side but ran very well on the top end for what it is...:shrug:
ok outlaw i get the hint :laugh:
KK yes the suspention works good in the back . i picked a light enough shock that it works with my 150lb butt on it. I think i got them from the front of a suzuki fa50 moped. they have a leading link fork just like my bike but the shocks are enclosed inside the fork tube. Kinda intresting how those are designed. And i made the rack so that it pivots with the movement. I havnt checked how much the frame itself flexes since its a split design and all. it would probrobly move the most at the neck but i built it out of solid bar there so that shouldnt be a problem ..
I bought the 99cc engine! I really like the looks of it. and its the perfect size for what i was hopeing to use it for. Iv got a grille from a powerwheels jeep thats aproxamatly 10x10. so the motor fits perfectly behind it. You can see where im going with this :smile: micro jeep modeld after an 40s army jeep. hopefully big enough for me to sit in it uncomfortably. Iv got a cast iron differential from a tiller that is 10:1 for the rear axle. Ill put a sprocket on the tip of the driveshaft and go from a clutch straight down to that. i think ill have to put the gas tank in the back under the seat and use a fuel pump hopefully thatll work. But iv got quite a few small progects to finish up before i start on that. Im gonna try and make it as detailed and to scale as I can should be intresting.
Awesome as always Jeep :thumbsup: Its metal masters like you that make me not even wanna bother finishing my Build Off project. Cant compete :doah:
It's why I took a dive and built an easy project, I made myself go out there and finish it through some rough days now I have another one on the table.:doah: I'm a glutton for punishment evidently, even got another minibike the other day. Yeah Jeep is a young fabricator Prodigy who will have a great line of minibikes when he's run the rat race to the end I predict, I still got dibs on the next Hillcat fellas.:glare:
thanks guys ! Leather i would be surprized if i won because there certainly is alot of competition i certainly didnt expect it at first. But i really just entered to give me a deadline to get it done :laugh: I certainly hope you finish yours eventually :smile:
I want to get mine done 100% by the deadline just so i dont have to work on it anymore :laugh: I got the fender back on today and reinforced the mount a little. Tomorrow ill finish the brake and clutch cover and maby paint the engine letters gray or gold :shrug:
Well i dissasembled and reassembled the carb and i think its a bit better now. Im so bad at tuning carbs ill admit that. probrobly gonna fiddle with it some more it still seems like its not getting full power. Also fiddled with the damn clutch cover for quite a while. Its like exactly the right size to fit over the band brake so i had to elongate the bolt holes and shim it around with washers till it didnt touch the brake and stop it. Also i didnt like how the brake locked up and kinda dragged sometimes so i flipped the mounting around now it self releases better and still stops good. much better and no drag that way :smile:
Its done for now! runs good an everything. I may mess with it at some point to try and get a little more power but its done enough to call done. Just in time too. I thought i was gonna be done way ahead of schedule :laugh:



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yeah the wheelie vid:scooter: looks factory and stock!!!! very well thought out clever design with the suspension and chain line working together and the rear fender bananas:freakout: