Hillcat Style tandem scratch build Jeep2003 Open Class

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Nice ! Trk's vote is all anyone could ever need :laugh: Guess its votin time . Honestly i though alot more bikes would be completed and in but i guess not :shrug: Heres a few video clips of my brother riding around. I havnt had a chance to get any better clips but ill work on a video that more u-tube worthy when i get time :thumbsup: thanks again guys. let me know if the video doesnt work
This is really cool, nice job on the build. Looks like it works great. Just what I need is another idea. Thanks for the build thread:thumbsup:
not yet hemi :laugh: it doesnt quite work like i was thinking. its hard to get the front end off the ground with the rear axle set so far back, I think its doable but iv got to get the hang of it first :thumbsup:
I know its bad timing with the next buildoff around the corner and all my other progects going on but I decided to swap out the briggs for a 5hp tecumseh. Its a late 70s or 80s model with primer on the shroud and electric start. Im converting it to a round shroud from a 4hp to make it look older. Iv got it all stripped down and started cleaning it up. shaved the compression release off the cam lobe and ported it a little. Im going to have to make a custom intake so i can fit the carb better and probrobly a custom exhaust too im not sure yet. also changed the carb for one with a normal choke leaver. And im thinking maby ill use the tank from the briggs if it works. heres what i started with. We'll see how it goes..

got the new engine done. it hauls butt. I had a problem with the carb but I got it cleaned out pretty good I think. It still runs a little odd and stalls sometimes. Also the clutch seems to have weak spring its practicly kicked in at idle. So iv got to investigate that. But other than that im much happier with this engine it has alot more power than the old one did :thumbsup: