Honda ATC Questions

I know it's not really a mini bike question but I'm sure someone on here has experience with ATC's. I just picked up a 1979 Honda ATC 110 yesterday in overall very nice shape but it has a couple issues, mainly the wiring was chewed up by mice and the tires are completely shot. I was wondering if anyone knew a good parts source or if there was a place I could buy a new wiring harness and a set of either new or used tires. Aside from that it's in really good shape and only cost me $60! I'm really excited to get this thing going and thrash it on the beach Message_1555202264976.jpg
So I did a little searching and I got a new set of v tread tires on ebay along with a used wiring harness. I did splice what was left of the wiring together and I got it running fairly well although it needs a carb rebuild, and the muffler is rusted out and leaking badly. But I started cleaning it up and it looks really good! 20190414_115659.jpg 20190414_124813.jpg
I'm really happy with it! The first thing I'm going is putting on the new set of tires and then I think I'll just enjoy it a while before I do the muffler or pull the engine to replace the harness. But it's pretty much exactly what I wanted, sort of the medium sized engine with a dual range transmission, earlier style with the round headlight, rear rack, trailer hitch, and even a gun rack!
Just dropped the tires off to get mounted and the exhaust off to get patched today. Hopefully I'll be riding next weekend! It's gonna look mean with the tires I got. Last thing it needs is electrical work to get the lights working but I'm gonna put that off for as long as I can unless there's someone near me that knows electrical and can help me out lol