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Well took my pictures just now. Here she is in her pride and glory. Far from being anything really and not sure where shes going but this is what im starting with. Let the build begin!:thumbsup:



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if anything its going to be differant. I already know this isnt the "winner" but man i cant wait to ride "The WTF"............:scooter:


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Im not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet but i have a "plan" for this thing in mind. We shall see if it pans out. Thanks for the compliments!:thumbsup:


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I want to try and keep a running log of my mod. I personally enjoy watching the tranformation of a machine from start to finish and have enjoyed reading some of those threads here. So i will try and keep an ongoing log of my build minus a few small details to be left until the deadline.....little "secrets".
I didnt get to do much yesterday as me and the wife had some other plans. Full of anticipation i woke early, did my morning routine, and stumbled out to the shop. Since this is my first ever build of such a thing........or a WTF. LOL i was kind unsure if i should start at the front or rear.....flipped a coin. Rear it is. So from there i set the engine in "place" for reference, took some measuremants, and started hacking up some steel for the new "beafier" side panels that the new live axle will mount to. far from finished but a good starting point.

The new side panels are 1/4" thick steal vs. the old 1/8" or less stuff. They will get trimmed up, and eventually the bearing hangers and plates will be welded in and some bracing side to side will be added to keep things sturdy back there. Im already having a blast.....creating the unknown.:thumbsup:
Part of the plan is to ditch the old small tires with just a tad bigger ones...............:thumbsup: The bigger tires give me the ground clearance i was looking for but also make "The WTF" look a whole lot cooler.:thumbsup:

Thats it for today boys. Until the next update.
Thanks man. Only time will tell how she will ride. I tell you though it may not look it with that tube down the middle but this thing is actually pretty solid.
i think you need to make sure the front wheels have a wider track width than the rear, that we it has plenty of oversteer for some awesome donut action.
Aaron................your getting warm.:thumbsup:

Teamcheap............do it brotha!!!!! Odd balls/customs are just outright cool. What you build.......well will be one of a kind and that is pretty cool in itself. No dought there are going to be some amazing bikes turned out for the build. My not throw just a tad bit of variety in the pack? I dont have any minis. This was the next best thing.
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