Horsepower of B&S Engine

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I have a 1964 Fox Campus mini and am almost positive that the engine is original as is everything else on this survivor. It was listed as coming with a 3 HP Briggs. The model number is #80202 and the type is 948194. I attempted to decipher the numbers but cannot confirm that it is 3 HP, can someone here please advise?

interesting you think your 1964 fox campus has the original 3hp briggs on it. i don't know much about the history of them, most i have seen where tecumseh engines on them. i do recall seeing some in the mid to late 60's coming with a briggs big block 4hp motor. i wonder if you have a gokart cycle before it became fox. some of them came with 3hp briggs. kind of rare to find today...:scooter:
maybe picture of it would good to see.
Nice,Looks like fox.
I believe they came with a chrome header pipe?
Maybe long gone now.
Yes, the pipe was chrome. I will fabricate one when I restore it but I am not going to touch this bike until I finish the 1963 Econoline custom van I am building for at least another 18 months.