Hot Rod HS40-Powered Full Suspension Cat 250

Keeping my build thread updated, here is the throttle method I used to get the Mikuni VM22 to work on the HS without knocking the carburetor way out to the side. Thanks to OND for the spiffy manifold. As always, this is in mock up phase, so take no note of fasteners, ugliness, or anything, anything at all, that my be wrong. What I lack in technical expertise, I make up for in posting verbosity.

Elbow from EC that I tried out on a Tilly for a kart. The end beneath the rubber grommet is threaded for the lock nut that holds it in place. I didn't use that, just shoved it in the hole, it fit snug, and I can pull vacuum on the seat there at the throttle cable. Spring holds it all together.

Looking really great Dave you have the best builds. Looking forward to seeing the finished project. Mark
Went with House of Kolor urethane enamels in a three stage kandy tangerine. It pops a lot more outside, that these garage photos show.

HOK primer sealer, HOK base silver metallic, HOK Tangerine, HOK top clear. The idea was, with some advice from our friend "Cat Man" Derek was to get it to Cat's "Flam Apricot" color, which was used on only one or two of their high end bikes. I still need to send stuff in for chrome, so I can finish.

That color is really great. Awesome paint job Dave. Mark
Dave I haven't been on here for a while but have always admired your work......This one is awesome!!! It convinced me to get off my butt and start my Cat 300 project!!!!! I will be shipping you my frame, wheels, and enough parts to put together a 5hp Briggs....Let me know when you have it done......Whew I feel better already!!!!! Thanks again Dave!!!!!