How fast are your vintage bikes


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How fast are they and no China bikes or stretched or crazy modified vintage bikes no drag bikes just riders any motor works?
I've got one that runs about 40mph and its not Chinese or vintage but a copy of a Savage mini bike with a 212 hemi predator.

Thanks Tim ...and yea Davis If I had the rear gear changed out I believe it would go much faster. I think It still has the 62 tooth sprocket on the rear from when I first built the bike.

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I have an all stock, suspended Trail Blazer with a governed H50/jackshaft that tops out at 37 mph. Well mostly governed. The rider was 160lbs (not me).
Going to be an interesting thread here I bet, something I've been wondering too.


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This bike sounded and felt like you were doing 50.........

In reality it would only top out at about 40, could only get it to 35 on an 1/8 mile dragstrip was just shifting into 4th at the end of the track. I ran it against a girlfriend that was running a z50 clone with modded 90cc manual trans. She made me her bitch @48mph on that run :doah:
Back in the mid 70s had a 68 Bonanza BC1200, 12 tooth clutch direct to 60 tooth sprocket 4.10-3.50 X 6 tires, ungoverned 5HP briggs flat head, my stepdad clocked me with the car at 35mph or so, built a replica recently and it feels the same, like stepping into the wayback machine!!...................Tom.


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So fast a helicopter has to be used just to photograph.:laugh:

I have several different set ups. Dirt, street, neighborhood riding, and just cruising.
Anywhere from a hair raising 21 mph to 40 something.
I'm too chicken to find out past that.
My slowest is my 1972 Trail Jet. It has a jack shaft and is geared way down. 11 or 12 mph is top speed, but it would climb a tree...even with a fat guy on it. My fastest is my 1976 Honda Trail 70, at 35 MPH or so. My Rupp Roadster is right in there too. My DriveX Pack Mule does around 20 MPH, but never had the GPS on it.
I'm not a speed demon on my minis. If they have enough torque to pull me around my property, I'm fine with them.