I am back!

Just a short note to say I am back with the best group of people on the internet.I want to thank everyone for the well wishes and I am sorry I missed Windber the biggest and best event of the summer.Thanks to Phil for taking Peekster's abuse for me. As a side note my Facebook account was hacked and I reported it to them on Fri and was directed to open a new account which I did and re-did all my friends. Well now it was reported to Facebook as a hack and they are looking into it but I cannot get into Facebook.I don't know where this will end--they said tonight they would review the profiles and get back to me--I may just drop the whole thing. Anyway Greg was trying to contact me and I ask that he email me direct.My garage is still a mess with 95% of the floor having been removed. The cement work is done but no lights yet so I still have no where to work--great summer. Take care folks and happy riding for the rest of the summer--thanks Bill.
Great to see you back. Missed you at Windber but Phil did fill in for you.:laugh: I was wondering why I got a friend request from you on facebook. I thought I was already your friend.:laugh: I'm glad your feeling better and I will see you in 11 months at Windber.:thumbsup: