I like sneaky

old shed finds

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Armstrong steering and 4-60 air were industry standard for lots of years.

I said I wouldnt change anything but I sure would take some liquid shoe polish to the white letters on the tires so they didnt stand out under the car like they do. Might even dig up a set of ports-walls and try them. It might get even sneakier with white walls. And it might look awful too...
Nah gotta flip them tires around nothing looks better on any 70s car with raised white letters...
The way they drive around here, I see over 1/2 of the vehicles with damage on them.
Big problem is,, there is hardly any traffic cops here ect. anymore,, just lot's of cameras,, that are pretty much worthless anyways. :rolleyes:
It's always comforting trying to pass an old Hyundai with damage to the rear driver side bumper and door...


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Thats a "Me Maw and Pe Paw" car. They didn't buy anything but the least expensive item. Black walls...

My point was that they are a distraction to the cleanliness of the car with them showing under the car.
Drives me nuts, especially on 4x4s...my go to BFG All Terrains aren't available without white letters and I like the look with the black walls mounted out. I magic markered the letters black on my pickup but got lazy on my Bronco, I just try not to look now.


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Some stuff looks good with em & some stuff don't.

For example,,

A Roadrunner & Challenger from 71 - 74,, look great with RWL.

A 70' 'cuda,, & 71-72 GTX,, forget it.
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