If you were 12 which bike would you pick?

joshua. c.

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The duster is ridged and where I had to ride at that age was rough so I'd take the speedway without a second thought and that choice would still stand today.
That’s a lucky kid to to have a choice between those 2 fine rides. I’m partial to the Cat because I had one near that age that I still have nearly 50 years later. If this child is long legged and is going to graduate to dirt bikes eventually the speedway is the way to go. He’s a winner no matter which ways he decided.
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If i was 8 or 9 the cat if i was 12 the speedway. Reason being when i was 10 we moved from a neighborhood where we rode on the street to a rural area where we rode offroad in the woods. We had a super bronc but it never worked that well and was too big and hard to handle so it stayed in the yard mostly. My brother had to hold it up while i got on. The speedway would have been amazing


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I'd go with the speedway for the ground clearance. Growning-up on a farm I did primarily riding off road riding out in the fields and pastures. The mini bike I had back then had small wheels like the chopper and I was always catching the pegs on the ground.
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