Iron invasion minibike races oct-7-17

i just look up your super scat. that would be good to have.........:thumbsup:
almost to clean to ride..:doah: on dirt....:rolleyes:
[emoji23] thank you, it's really the first bike that we are going all out with. It's together now minus the motor. If I had a good old tecumseh it would be running right now. The predator doesn't line up at all- or no where near- with the sprocket. I need to make a plate or something to put a predator on it

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That's crazy that it was really the first outing with it. Ran great before, can't imagine what is in store for it
just think that motor came to life less then 4days before the race and was dailed in less then 24hrs before the race..........crazy. ain't doing that again...:laugh:
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Awesome! I'm excited to meet some more omb users.
[MENTION=339]delray[/MENTION] don't think the efenel will make it, it runs great but the carb has a bad leak so it's at a local shop right now. At this time gonna bring the Powell & arco to cruise around on. They arnt pretty but they're reliable [emoji23]

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story i herd about theses bikes for sale was they bought out a old honda dealership and they had a container full of new vintage minibike frames,seat.....etc...
I bought a frame from a local guy for a lot less then what he was asking, the local guy supposedly has a garage full too

He didn't want to meet at his house so we met somewhere near him. I got a Powell challenger, bonanza chopper, the nos frame and a bunch of parts for 400$. I wonder what else he has [emoji102]

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dragracertpp thank you for posting up pics, I had a great time out there and so did my daughter. It was nice getting to talk to all the OMB members and mini bikers out there also.


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I looked on the site for this and it looks like they will be having mini bike drags again so we are going this year.
you better double check on that rocco and also check if they are having minibike drags? will they have a small block only rope start mod class and not be stuck racing against a big block.


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last time you and me where there the drag racings was just for fun. no classes. the only thing they had was the off road racing for minibikes.
did the web site say anything about drag racing minibikes?