Is this normal belt wear for a new torque Converter?


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I took the cover off my new T/C to lube the bushing after an 8 mile mountain ride. Lots off climbing over boulders and steep inclines.
Is this amount of belt "dust" normal for a new belt?
The clutch and pulley are aligned and the belt is facing properly. ( flat side towards engine/vertical drive plate)
When I installed my Chinese tav I used the Comet dry lube on all the recommended parts beforehand.
Not sure if you did that or not but you do ride some pretty rough terrain so I might expect some wear in of the belt first couple of times out. If it continues after a while I might be worried but there might be some initial debris until the belt wears in, at least in my experience.


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You will see some dust, but the Comet belts last longer than the non-Comet. Even the non-Comet they seem to last a long time.


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The torque converter ran very well. It does take more RPM to get up to speed but once at a cruising speed the RPM is close to a Jack Shaft.
The response once the engine comes up to speed is impressive. Boulders were no problem. I smoked the tire on a few of the larger ones if I gunned the engine.
Climbing the steepest hills were just fun as the engine never bogged down. I found that 1/2 throttle was normally enough to climb anything I ran into.
On the flats I let-it-rip and the front tire lifted up, not off the ground but close. Top speed is slower but I can still hit right around 30 MPH on pavement.
As I posted the governor is still functional and so far I see no reason to take it off. The last thing I need to do is throw a rod or some other part in the middle of nowhere.
I'll be posting another 100 or so photos of today's ride. I came upon a friend who is a avid Dirt MC rider and is always amazed that I can get where I am when we meet. I think he has a new respect for these Chinese minibikes.
I'm running the stock rear sprocket, which is fairly tall. I could go to a much larger one for more torque,but that would put the chain and teeth much blocer to the rocks and boulders.