ISO briggs 7 or 8 hp

old shed finds

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Complete or parts
Wanting to build the engine for the BearKat project...
Were wanting to build this bike correct. ..
At this point im not fussy 60s to 70s block or parts will be fine.

These engines have vanished from my huge town can't find one here....
PM us lets talk...


Don't overlook the 6hp. The dimensions are the same as the 7hp and 8hp, plus they have the stylish embossed fan shroud/recoil. Most of the parts are interchangeable...The 6hp would have been the original motor on your Bearkat

old shed finds

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Thanks Richard. .
That 6hp is on my mind too
This is a neat old bike and we don't want to preditorize it....
Keep the vintage Briggs power..
If you have any of these BB PM me .