Issue with Idle/Throttle


Relatively new to mini bikes. Installing a predator engine on a CT200U. When I start it, the idle seems okay. As soon as I turn it from "Start" (or Choke) to "Run", it's like I'm turning the throttle. The engine just wants to go. Is it an issue with the throttle cable? Maybe it's too tight? The idle screw? Is the throttle lever set up incorrectly?

I've linked to a video here illustrating what the issue is...

(Also-- I'm not finished overhauling the bike, so it's not ready to ride yet. Just trying to figure this out...)

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.


Its running very smoothly after the choke is off, and it does sound like the idle is set too high or there is no slack in the throttle cable. A photo of your throttle set up on the plate would tell us a lot.


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Disconnect the throttle cable so it can't have any effect on the throttle linkage then try it. If it is the same lower the idle speed. And make sure that 10mm nut that secures the throttle pivot is loose enough for that linkage to pivot freely.

What happened to the original engine?