Jeep2003's - Micro Motor Bike - (Anything Goes)

This bike is going to be a little motorcycle looking thing like an Indian MM5A. Iv got a motorized bicycle kit 80cc fitted with a pull start. And for wheels im just using little 12.5" childrens bicycle wheels. I considered widening them but now im not sure I may leave them as is. I got the frame started. The lower hoop I used black pipe and had to shim it up to get the engine clamps to work properly. The top part of the frame is pieces from the lower frame of an old baby pram. It will have suspension. Im making custom built shocks for both ends. Already started on the rears. I havnt got a plan for the fronts yet. For the brake im using a bicycle disc caliper. Ill probrobly have to make my own fenders. Its going to be a pretty simple build. The challenge will be fitting on it when its done :laugh:

Thanks guys I think itll be pretty cool. Im getting the neck area together now. Trying to gusset it all together. Its going to be tight in there because im hiding the coil up in between the rails. I put a short plug in it to give me some room. The rear shocks im using gas struts from like a trunk lid. i cut them down. I thought they would be pressurized but it was just oil nothing blew out when i cut them open. Then im using some cut down fork springs with homemade cups on the shaft. Forgot to get a pic.
Im making good progress I got the basic frame done and the whole neck area gusseted. Also where the bottom pipe connects to the upper seat area. I used square tubing in there to give that back area more strength since the shocks will attach back there i didnt want the frame to bend. I will probrobly go for the swingarm next. Im still not sure what im going to use for front shocks