JR Drag blockzilla project

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Blossom Jr dragster blockzilla engine
Bz2 - headbolts relocated, 3.012" bore, cam bearing, 1.5"/1.16" big port, valve guide reamer holes on bottom of block!
Clements +.400 stroker crank(7/8journal)
Blossom head
Blossom special cam
Briggs Blockzilla sidecover
Jr racecar domed piston 2.992
Metro valve cover
Arc 3hp drag wheel

PROJECT! Block will need sleeve or hone. Valve seats/ports r in excellent shape. Titanium intake valve needs a regrind. Cam end on block side little funked up but could be used, depending what cam bearing u reinstall. Piston does not fit bore, just included in case u want to resleeved down. Clements crank has one ding on journal and the wrong crank gear. Journal otherwise in good shape/specs.
Only comes with what's shown in pic.
New LA sleeve in pic is NOT currently included in sale but can be worked into deal if u want to resleeve this.

$500 shipped OBRO 20200924_122733.jpg 20200925_074058.jpg 20191209_032135.jpg 20201123_133916.jpg 20191209_032037.jpg