Just accidentally grinded my welds and tube, it looks like crap. What do i do now?

If you want to make it look better use 1/8 thick grinding wheel grind only the weld then use mig with solid wire shielding gas make small pass and cover pass to get where you grinded out side weld aera wire wheel and it will look better its easy to weld with gas if you put bondo on it after you grinded it it will likely Crack do it right or you won't feel safe on it
Use a regular cold chisel for metal and a small hammer if needed to knock off the splatter. Then use a fine cut flat file to finish cleaning up the surface. Just make sure that you are rolling the file with the contour of the frame tube as you are filing. You don’t want to hold the file still and make flat spots. Just keep rolling the file with the radius.
Looks like it will hold. With the paint it won’t look to bad. Body filler will work. But it’s cracks if you don’t do it on a clean rough surface. Flexible body filler if you want perfection. But looks like it will hold just fine.