Just Picked Up My First 2 Vintage Mini Bikes

I just picked up 2 vintage mini bikes.

First one is an MTD and was hoping I could get some info on it such as parts availability and how correct/complete it is.

Second one is an Alley Kat by SportsStyle which was made locally to me in Lewistown,Pa. as with the MTD any info on this would be greatly appreciated.
Thanx here are some pix.

68412953_487114641834454_4476363989911076864_n.jpg 68546496_2454728401449545_3996137842504892416_n.jpg 68641211_355861258635097_7661950093871808512_n.jpg 68697126_345075659770445_240180790304964608_n.jpg 68733244_2472997612948894_3499099165877600256_n.jpg 68922330_401791613776192_1694213325228867584_n.jpg 68933495_518464552292707_1965088979782991872_n.jpg 69001506_478327126049214_3585260908529582080_n.jpg 69002363_476065786515763_401383561602531328_n.jpg 69140467_2835564989790335_1713257472212336640_n.jpg 69233633_415363492435864_5521771596831784960_n.jpg 69257485_701483363631904_6468694766136590336_n.jpg 69278846_928927094107169_4625232186365181952_n.jpg 69331004_665156583988716_5733443884579553280_n.jpg


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Welcome, there are good folks here.
Nice bikes.
There are some MTD lovers here.
Never heard of an Alley-Kat, I’ve got some investigating to do. It looks like a really cool bike.
Nice find Jeff !

The Alley Kat is a new one to me too. Looking forward to seeing more pics and learning more about it.

Congratulations !

And Welcome to the OMB...!
Love the old Alley Kat's! I love the ape hanger bars. I had one when I was a kid,bought brand new in 1972 in PA. Auto world in Scranton. Nice find,looks to be complete as far as I remember!
Thanks!!!! Ive been wanting a vintage mini to ride around at the car shows but im thinking this is just the new hobby ive been looking for. Im going to work on the MTD first as it isnt running atm the Alley Kat runs just needs cleaned up and a little general maintenance. Ill post more pix once I get it al cleaned up. The torque conv gaurd is pretty cool. the pic doesnt do it justice. Its plastic but has glitter all through it. pretty wild looking.
Got the MTD all cleaned up. And took the vinyl cover off the seat only to find the original one was still there. Waiting for handle bars,carb, foot peg covers to arrive. Im picking up the Alley Kat Sunday. Pix to follow once I get her cleaned up. 68906352_10216637582147020_173083350917971968_n.jpg 69460963_10216637578506929_7326398695765704704_n.jpg 69483088_10216638691614756_7903043620561747968_n.jpg