Kenny Bernstein funny car

Very cool!!

The bud king has been my favorite driver since I was about 5 lol. I was in the pits at my local track with my dad one night and I asked John force for his autograph, he had a bad night I guess and just kinda pushed me away and I got a “get out of my way kid”. Kenny saw what happened (I was maybe 5 at the time) and he brought my dad and I back to his pit. He signed autographs for us, gave us a couple shirts and took some pictures with us. He made me a life-long fan that day.

Great addition to your collection! Very very cool piece!
Yeah I was fortunate enough to meet Kenny at the International Motorcycle show years ago in Long Beach California. He had a very humble presence, my son was maybe 3 years old and "Riding" a motorcycle with my friend's son he came up with his wife and commented on starting them young. Very nice man.

About the Kart, the tank was empty with the exception of a little puddle of old gas which I was able to get cleaned up with a paper towel and a long screwdriver. I didn't add gas but it did fire right up with starting fluid.

I need to figure out a way to display it hang on the wall.


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That is really nice!

Never would be made in today's PC era.
No way would any manufacturer would now put Budweiser or Winston on any product a child might have access to.
Sad but true.
Like the kid's never seen his elders with a Beer. :)

Anyway, best one I have seen.