late model POINTS steel flywheel for tecumseh small frame 3-5hp wanted


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Looking for a Late model points ignition steel flywheel. Part numbers I do have (but these may only apply to ones without starter rings) are 611024 and 611026 These were mostly used October 1980-around probably october-ish of 1985. They would be found on H30 H35 HS40 and HS50 engines and even some of the LAV engines as well as they universalized the taper on the engines during the first part of 1980's.

They look just like the the 1970's flywheels with the plastic fins BUT have a larger taper for the crankshaft. They are 5/8" across the taper on the outside (face side) where the earlier ones are 1/2"

Will pay about 25 shipped for one-can usually stuff them in a flat rate padded envelope if you pad them good. Let me know, just want photo verification that it is the larger bore taper before purchase. does not matter if stater ring is there or not, I just pop them off if they are.

Thank you