Lifan 125

I've gotten one off eBay Mike! Pretty happy with the whole deal! Read the whole description and make sure carb comes with it...some don't
Mike go to T bolt they have the best deals . But if I were you I would go with the piranha 140 , may cost a little more but it's a bad asss motor .
I got the big carb option which is a 26mm mikuni model 606 , I think the whole package was something like 560 to the door . I think the 140 puts out like 14 hp with the big carb .


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Yo Speed Wulf been trying to find out if it is possible to put one off these oil pumps and coolers on my Tec? All threads keep leading back to you. Can i get a "laymans" break down of the pump. Plus would it work on a mini bike/go kart?
Fist the red thing is not the oil pump . It's just a fitting too plumb the cooler .
The pump is in the motor , and I don't have a clue how to hook up one to a 6.5 . You motor has a fan on the flywheel and doesn't need a cooler . In fact my motor in question really doesn't need it either for normal riding . If one was to ride for hours in heat then it would be needed , but they lock cool .


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Yes Dave they look real cool. In my mind i want to be able to ride my bike "Dakker rally" fo like 10 hours thru the desert. Was thinking since the "crankcase vent" is used to power the fuel pump maybe i will "experiment" on a powersport i got??? Hey MB165 if your reading this was trying to call ya. Bikebuddy dont be mad at me bro but have not been able to send messages for some time please don't take it personal.