lightnig coil for briggs


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If there are spacers behind the ignition coil, the engine has the extended crankshaft.. And the block has to have the studs for lighting coil..

IE, gotta have an electric start motor.. :laugh:
This post may be 10 years old but it is STILL teaching. Thanks, Restore Kid. Thanks, I came into my orange '79 model#130202 last summer. The spacers behind the coil now tell me the crank is good.

I purchased a DC starter and that fits the block, ring gear and shroud like a glove, too. But the parts diagram is somewhat confusing, given the certain options available.

Here, the parts list shows 2 stator choices, where only one is called "with rectifier". I'm thinking this is the one I want if I'm hoping to power some DC powered accessories and maybe let whatever trickle charge back into a 12v battery onboard the mini bike. If anyone can comment, I'd appreciate it.


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I just read this for the first time. It does verify that the whole engine was made for electric start. I can not bolt a starter on any of mine.
With diode means it already puts out direct current. If you can find one, that is the easy way to do it. If you can't find one with diode, you can add a diode.
Mike, your question was answered in the thread, post #15. You need a lighted flywheel.
However, you have the correct engine, flywheel, starter, spacers, crank...
In your quest for an alternator, you may find lighted flywheel. If it was my project, I would find the charging coil (alternator) and install it.
If it won't charge the battery, I would use a trickle charger until the correct flywheel showed up.


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Yeah but even a reasonable couple of deals on an alternator and a flywheel off eBay will run over $150. So maybe I'll just take care and spread the jb-weld with an even hand ;)
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I was thinking about that too... Neodymium magnets would preform better. But I already found a 2nd flywheel with the magnet ring & swapped the ring gear off the flywheel I had to it.

I have a 2nd engine I could build with an electric start minus the alternator stuff & it has a different starter that you plug an extension cord in to it. eBay special... when I got it, pulled the starter off and hiding there was a rod shaped crack in the block. Bore was fine but the rod seized on the crank & let go, I was able to polish off the aluminum scuffs off the crank journal with fine emery cloth & had the crack mended by the farmers equipment shop here in town, Guy did a good job welding up the aluminum but I went with a nos engine tho...