Lil Indain 2 speed parts

The plate as seen above would be 150.00 shipped. These are also made to order. I don't want to build extra's and not have them spoken for due to expense to make them and the jig that I use to have them welded up. Please note.. these are made for the original Lil Indian secondary clutch and 1st gear. I may offer 1 kit complete due to having an extra set of Lil Indian parts. A lot of people are using the readily available comet set ups. I don't know what the tube length would be for those units.
I recently acquired a Fox and I believe it's a 1970 "Condor". It has the original single speed clutch / jack shaft, however it has a two speed clutch cover. I was wondering if the first gear you are fabricating will work for my application provided I find or build a two speed clutch. If so I would be interested in one as well. Thanks.


I would post in the wanted section first. Great folks on this site. I actually tossed this out last year after after trying to sell it with no luck. Should have kept it I guess. It was NOS. Would be difficult to replicate unless I had one to measure up. ( sprocket and sleeve.) The hardened sleeve was pinned to a standard jack shaft.
Hello Joe, I am not necessarily looking for an exact Fox part as I am not doing any sort of mechanical restoration back to original. That is why I inquired about your parts in the first place. Basically I just need a sprocket with a one way bearing that mounts on a 5/8" jack shaft. I could probably fabricate one myself but figured if something is comparable and available then all the better for me. I still need to find a clutch or figure out how to marry two existing clutches to make this thing work. Thanks, Neville
Hello, you do not want to run a one way bearing on a std. 5/8 jack shaft. The one way bearing will chew up a std. soft shaft pretty quickly. As well as tolerances between the id of the one way bearing and the shaft or race are critical for proper function. That is why the various mini bike companies when they were utilizing 2 speeds they either used a hardened and ground race ( like in the above picture) or they used a hardened and ground jack shaft.
Hello Joe, I was thinking about one of these:, Bored out to accept a couple of these:, on both ends. Although they are metric I could fabricate a sleeve (0.022" wall) to fill the gap. Sorry for not having any active links. Still trying to figure that one out. Again if you already have something that might work I would rather do that. Thanks, Neville
I am not familiar with that type bearing. I use only roller clutch type like the originals. Here are some pics of a custom sprocket I made. The sprocket bore ID is critical for the press fit of the roller clutch. I had mine wire EDM'd. Originally the were jig bored. Bore needs to be centered. You can see the bearing support I had made as well. You can find all the info on the net regarding required tollerences.


Wow Joe that is beautiful craftsmanship! You wouldn't still happen to have another one lying around! LOL. I just threw out some ideas with the eBay stuff. Not sure how durable they are at $5 each from China. Thanks CFH I will check with Black widow motorsports to see what they have as well.

The one in the picture above is a 27 tooth sprocket. A used one way bearing and repo sleeve that will fit a soft 5/8" jack shaft. You can have this if you want it for 70.00 shipped. It locks up fine. Pm me me if interested.
Let me know.
I don’t know anything about the fox set up.I purchased this sprocket with a Lil Indian set up but it is the wrong amount of teeth for me,I need the 27 tooth sprocket.All I really know is that it is a NOS sprag Fairbanks Morse sprocket.If you send me you’re email address I will send you some pictures.Never had any luck posting pics on this site.My email is jjmail52@