Lil Indian 400

A little early morning welding on the Lil Indian forks . I got the extra hole welded up and ground down .

I was hoping to powder coat this frame and forks , but the forks are pitted pretty good ….so we'll see how it goes . Soaking them now in evapo- rust .

Hi Eric; Thanks for the shout out. My pleasure on the spring. Motor looks great. Looking forward to your progress.

Nice indeed , what about the tool box , I love the color choices , is the quality there ??
Very cool stuff!

Thanks guys ! Ang the tool box is very well built and I impressed with the workman ship on these boxes . Powder coated colors to .
New carb came in along with the new neck bushings . I got the carb mounted and worked on some AF housings and the clutch cover . Hopefully I can get this engine finished up next weekend and start on frame work .

You may remember my 600 was a complete pitted wreck. I used 80 - 100 grit paper in a vibrating sander to clean a lot of it up. The powder coat took care of the rest. Eastwood also sells "bondo" that works with powder coat...though I haven't tried it.