Lil Indian 400

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Thanks Steve and I did rebuild and paint it myself . If you can't find a Lil Indian clutch cover that you like I can re-pop you one like mine ( fiberglass).
Hey OND, Would love to take you up on your offer for a repop fiberglass clutch cover, and bracket, too if you make them. Just let me know how to make the arrangements!
While looking for a caliper to take a picture of, I noticed two of my other calipers have a stronger spring than the one I chose to take the picture with. The one pictured has a thinner spring like yours, I don't know which ones may have been replaced or if they upgraded to a stronger spring down the road sometime, the stronger spring does give it a more positive feel though. Thick "fender washers" make a good choice between the lever arm and castle nut and helps get rid of the slop between the lever arm and the engagement pins. If you need a pinch bolt for your brake cable, they can be found at most bicycle shops, might not be "correct" but if you don't have one or you are waiting to get one, it's a quick fix until the "correct" one arrives.
Well I didn't get the ride video done ! Just to much on my plate at this time . Thanks to all that helped me out with this build this year.
Dave if you will move this this build over to the vintage build for me I would appreciate it . Thanks for hosting this year Dave !