Lil Indian Backtracker/JC Penny Terra Torque

Just feeling out if there's interest. This is a 1971 JC Penneys Terra Torque. These bikes were Lil Indian Backtrackers, rebadged as Terra Torques and sold through JCP.

Everything on the bike is original, except the stickers on the chain guard and the paint on the fenders. They would have been orange with black stripes. The paint it has does have looks decent. Everything works: engine, TAV, brakes, new bearings, PERFECT ORIGINAL SEAT, and V-tread tires are in great shape. Good luck finding a pair of those in good shape. ONLY functional issue is the tank has a leak on the bottom over the frame. I've held off on patching it because this has been a display bike for me. It can be plastic welded and reinforced with some wire screen if you want to ride it but this bike is best appreciated as a show bike, especially if you can find some fenders in decent shape with original paint. Tons of paperwork from 1971!

- 2 spare fenders which could be refurbished in the original orange with black stripes.
- Second busted frame
- Extra wheels, including another V-tread that holds air but is worn a little.
- Extra metal chain guard
- Extra engine that is currently locked up
- extra TAV and other small stuff

$2500, located in Central NJ