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Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

nice skipp. leg burner for sure. you would never think a flathead could burn your maybe clone all day. you will be wearing pants for sure.
Thanks guys...I’m not sure my fat ass will be riding this little thing so at least my leg is safe...HAHAHA!! The frame actually fit into a sandblast cabinet....I basically bought the motor for that exhaust...just liked it...motor turned out to be nos h35....tank never had gas in it....sweet little motor....
Thanks!, that almost looks like a "0" above the last 2 of the serial number, my 70 is serial 2260 and what I believe is an 8 making it 22608, it was made in June and your serial number is 3,000 later so I would guess yours is a July or August bike.

Thanks Again,
WOW! Prices for some things have gotten out of reach,for us anyway. I put one on my Sons Ruttman, ( my avatar) it and the rest of his mini was in a pile of parts my brother found one trash night 40 years ago.