Little Gen mini with side car - help needed

Thanks Aaron. Much appreciated.
I received the tires and tubes today. Went with the same brand and size, Carlisle.
Still waiting for word from the engine repair shop. Going to get rid of the points and go with electronic ignition.
After finding this site and getting the fever, I'm sure I will be on the hunt for more mini's now.
Some of the builds I've seen on here are amazing.
Did a bit of Google searching on "Little Gen mini bike" and came across these photos. Once I zoomed in I could see how the throttle cable was routed from the pedal linkage to the motor.
I have the new tires and tubes on now, greased and lubed everything. Just did a satin clear coat to preserve the paint and patina.
Clutch is ordered. Will need to order a throttle cable once I figure out the length I need.
Called the shop to check on the engine. They had it running by pouring some gas into the carb. Said it ran good. Just need to clean out the fuel system and adjust carb. Has an electronic ignition in it now.
So far so good!