looking for a 245 dyno cam for my HSSK50


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you are correct, I had to dig mine out ti find the number. 37536k was the OHH motorsports cam. I have been working on an H50 motorsports and have one of the 36673k as well, but its in the engine. IMG_1465.JPG
do you need a Tecumseh hot coil for that 245 cam. this coil will advance your timing. something you kind of need for that 245 cam.
I do have one for sale. if indeed you are running it in a HSSK50 block. (electric ignition)
If you have another one, I'll take it by the way...
Follow up I sent my cam from my 1996 HSSK 50 to dyno cams and had them weld and grind me the 245 cam.....took about a week turnaround time and I got it back yesterday.... 20191031_153627.jpg


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do you plan on running a clutch or torque converter?
also did you get one of your buddys to machine the retainers for you.