Making good on the RED NOSE CHALLENGE


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Rules of the build off : Bike must be complete and running with video or pictures of it running or being ridden by 12:00 midnight on May 31.

Rules of the red Nose challenge: Must complete the build off as defined or post pictures of you being pushed, pulled or rolled around on the incomplete bike.

Well the bike was completely put together and ready to ride.... but I couldn't get it running therefore not complete.

I am a man of my word so here is my picture. (Elf, Clown what's the difference but I do have the RED NOSE)

OK now every one else Pony UP. To those of you who completed the Build Off Great job and please feel free to comment.



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July all ready !That's a whole month after the buid for people to swallow their pride and make good on the Red Nose Challange. Even if you dont have a bike to be hauled around on . sit on top of the pile of what ever you have and let the pic's fly.