Man do i feel stupid and lucky at the same time ( graphic picture )

My heads just not in the game. Taking so much strain at work that i lapse in concentration.

We needed to scrape some bark of timber and my bright idea was a die geinder with a router blade. Was working great till it bit into the wood and then decided my hand looked tasty.

Man bad things happen fast - be safe boys n girls.



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Watch out Tank, Get better soon. Did something like that with a table saw on the end of my finger.

Part missing grew back but, now the nerves are super sensitive.
Ouch Tank ! I did my right thumb in one time drilling out a rivet. Let me say it is one pain in the ars healing. I banged that thumb on everything in site for weeks :doah: Now with very little feeling in that thumb it has become my bionic thumb !
Sorry to see that happen to ya :sad:
ouch! yeah that router bit in the die grinder idea im not going to try that :) Good to see they were able to patch it up without too much trouble. My dad once got his finger tip in a fan belt and away it went. I found it in the grass and they sewed it back on. We cant all be 100% smart 100% of the time
I suppose the plus side is we can laugh about this. And man you guys really do crack me up :laugh:
I have been there and have done that. My list of injuries include crushed finger 19 pieces of bone, broken toes, fingers, ribs, 4 times collar bone, stitches in my eyeball and many more.
Not my doing, loss of my vital signs 5+ time on a ambulance trip to the hospital after a car wreck when I was a kid.
It will pass we can laugh
I am very fortunate to still have all my fingers, toes, eyes, etc after 40 years of shop work. We have all had those careless moments..usually when rushing to get something done and you think you have it covered. It only takes a split second to go wrong. I have had those moments where I almost paid the price but was somehow able to pull out of it. That's when you get that rush of adrenaline and say "holy sh** that was close." I have operated some big powerful equipment over the years...(there was a lathe over at the refinery that was so big you had to climb a set of stairs to get to the chuck and the controls)..but some of the scariest incidents occurred while using just a floor drill press or the buffing wheel (those thing are wicked because of the spindle speed) ...usually because I let my guard down or thought I could hold something down instead of clamping it down.

Anyway hope your feeling better's the weekend so pop a few cold ones and relax. You'll have plenty of time to count your blessings and think about how you'll do it differently next time. :thumbsup:
How many stitch's Dan :shrug: I have had my share of stitch's and broken bones :doah: Never even had a close call at work though :shrug: Always working on my own stuff at home or in a car or bike wreck :shrug:
If you are on pain meds don't drink too many brews :thumbsup:
I hope you feel better Dan. Some of those power tools make me nervous when I use them. I do try to clamp everything down. It is pretty amazing that I still have all my fingers.:laugh:
No worries....I cut the same thumb right down the center of the nail down the side of the bone. It looked like I had two thumbs on that hand. Kid thought it was cool...GF...not so much. The finger next to it...almost cut it off three times now...literally. I will spare your the other 8 digits and the record amount of stupid things I have done in my life to them. Not to mention all the other injuries to the rest of me. the saying goes..."tis merely a flesh wound''.
Yup I have 3 bench grinders and i prefer to use the weakest one because it wont rip my fingers off and lodge them into my chest. There was a time when I wanted a drill press but Iv heard too many stories and can see myself getting lazy and getting hurt on one.


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fingers always get in the way, this was after a solid month of collagen and silver powder treatments to get them back into shape after getting them caught in a serpentine belt, they got ground to the bone

My pointer finger does not work well with a smartphone screens anymore :laugh: